Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FYI, I'm quitting

In case it is of interest to any regular readers of my blog (all three or four of you), I've decided that next year will be my final year as a teacher. I doubt this really comes as a surprise to anybody. It's long overdue, but unfortunately I made some less than wise financial decisions during a particularly "dark" period of my life, for which I have been paying out the nose for the past several years. This will end, however, in January 2014, at which time I can afford to quit. If you're curious, I'm going to go back to school to study audio engineering. If all goes well, I will end up with a job that most likely will pay less, but one in which I simply go to work, do something I like, and go home.

I decided to Google "I quit teaching," and found no shortage of essays and articles. Several years ago I wrote about the mystique of the teacher. I can think of no other profession where people make such a big deal about either entering it or leaving it - especially about leaving it. Could you imagine people writing an essay justifying why they don't want to be an accountant any more? Or a waiter (and yes, I am fully aware of the irony involved in me writing those sentences here)? The teaching profession is full of people who are career changers. They decide they want to do something meaningful and change the world, so they give up their cushy corporate job and join the teaching fellows. I'm just going the other direction. Call me selfish, but I don't care so much about making a difference any more. I just want my sanity back.

So, assuming that I don't completely lose steam and just give up on blogging, next year's posts will be written from the perspective of a disaffected teacher on his way out. I think I might have a slightly different take on things, or perhaps the same take intellectually but less emotionally involved. And please pray for me or send good vibes or whatever you care to do that next July I won't be writing with my cyber tail between my legs talking about how I'm dreading next year.

In the mean time, I am officially going to try my best to stop thinking about teaching until September.

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